March 22, 2008

happy easter

Easter is the perfect time to remember of the many great blessings God had given us.. and I just wanted to say that your friendship is one of them. wink*
To all my friends.. blogger friends and visitors, here's wishing you every happiness the season can bring!

Finally, adieu.. to the silver of winter and welcome the brightly blooming spring! hehehe*


mermaidejen said...

Indeed mabelle, may the lenten season weekends help us see what we have and cherish them most. Having you as a friend is more than a blessing I can count everyday. It's such a gentle caress thinking someone is there really true and sincere. Thanks for being one dhay. Enjoy the egg hunting weekends.

Priscocam said...

HI,mi amiga!Happy Easter to you and you family!The pic is so captivating.And that bunny chocs?they look so sweet and cute.Have a great Easter!