March 16, 2008

happy trip my dear bro!

I was suprised this evening when my brother in Cebu suddenly buzz me up thru YM. I got scared knowing that 2:00 AM in pinas is too early for him to get wide awake. I asked him right away.. what's the problem? Is there something happend out there? Please, tell mehhh? He replied calmly and said: nothing wrong 'dhay! Just want to let you know that i'll be going to Australia today.. wouahhh* mura man kilat! I thought working again in an overseas vessel is over for him. But then, i was wrong. He told me that the offer was very interesting and that he's ready to left behind thier rent-a-car business in Mactan and Dang have to managed it alone.. of course with the help of little sis too.

Well, i understand him naman kay daghan pa daw cya og project. I'm happy for him & dang.. though it's hard for us to think of not seeing him for 3 long yrs. hmmnn, can't hold on my tears to fall when writing this.. that's me! (senti.. kaau)

To you my brother, have a safe and pleasant trip! Will surely missed you this summer. May God bless & guide you in all your undertakings! Bisoussss*

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