January 12, 2008


Attention! young engineers, architects or students who wants to build career development in the construction industry. CSkills website, provides everybody with detailed informations for people employed in or around the construction industry ranging from architects, engineers to bricklayers anywhere in the United Kingdom. They also help you get updates of the latest news, information on skills, recruitments and trainings. CSkills are working to ensure that the construction industry and the country has the right people, with the right place and at the right time. CSkills has tree major areas of challenge like improving business performance, qualifying the workforce, image and recruitment. And since construction industry are booming rapidly both in sizes and sophistication, anyone who wants to build career development in this chosen field are quite lucky, because CSkills need almost half a million new recruits between this year and 2010 and is working to attract more graduates, men and women alike including older people and other ethnic minorities.

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