January 10, 2008

Wireless Broadband

Having a low internet connection at home is always a problem to both of us, so why not switch to the new BT Total Wireless Broadband? For only £18.99/monthly (Option 3) you can avail of the unlimited wireless, fast and reliable internet connection with wireless BT home hub & phone, unlimited downloads, BT vision ready, 24/7 customer support, advance online security, including weekend/evening calls via your broadband and unlimited wi-fi minutes per month to use.
Asks why it's best to choose BT Wireless Total Broadband? Well, it's because it's a fast, reliable connection of up to 8MB of speed. Ideal for video clips, online gamings, and downloading large files.
BT home hub allows you to connects up to 10 wireless devices around your home which includes automatic updates and built-in security. Aside from that, you can also join the BT Fon network and gain access to thousands of hotspots including BT open-zone wi-fi hotspots across UK & Ireland. Switching to the new BT Wireless Total Broadband doesn't have to be difficult, you could be connected within five days which is great. Think of it guys!

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Summer said...

We are using wireless too, its cool.