October 16, 2008

Vive l'Automne!

Autumn is the best season of the year aside from springtime. I can say that I'm lucky enough to have lived in this beautiful place known to be the green City of France where autumn foliage is truly spectacular each year. But I admit autumn has it's negative side as well and this is what I hate most. I noticed that when autumn comes, rains & winds are present and because of these.. temperature will start getting colder too. I miss those times when you can wear sexy tops and flip-flops freely without the risks of getting sick. Now, it is necessary to cover ourselves or else bonjour chez le docteur. lol*


twinks said...

Hi madam Amy,

Oi I want to experience Autumn too pero shalan la man diri sa Pinas..hehehe..

Dropping by here :]

Rogue said...


Indeed, autumn has its bad side. That makes it not my favorite. ^^ When I was in Italy, I preferred the coolness of spring, when I transferred here in the Netherlands, summber is best.. it is cold here even in summer coz it is so rainy.. I have my own postings of the fall as well, hahaa.. i was so inspired and was able to make a poem about it actually.

WebbieGurl said...

I prefer summer in spring.. i feel sad in the autumn n winter, has nothing much to do out.

i noticed that your title is in French... amazing.. i have difficulty with that language.. it is just difficult for me.. though i learned other languages here in europe, french, i found it how they twitch their lips when they speak... but it sounds sooooo good and i do wanna learn!

Mt Taex said...

SIckness too starts during this season... In fact, I was freezing last friday here because it starts to go as low as 4 already... sigh... winter will come again soon and cold..cold cold... ggggbbbrrr

ilovPh2 said...

ohhh... indeed it is beautiful. i actually love the colors but the wind is just much and the rain is indeed pouring... are u on northern france?