July 10, 2010

enjoy the summer fun

School break is here again! Ms A. was so happy that finally there's no more homeworks to attend to. A time for my girl to relax and enjoy the summer fun! Our departure is getting nearer now, we are leaving on the 13th however our luggages are not ready yet.
Today despite of the hot weather, i am obliged to go and see our doctor for some medications needed for the trip. There's also this annoying acne that i want to get rid of. If you know of the
best acne treatment, then i am curious to give it a try!

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prily said...

Hi Amy,how are u? i just wanna thank u for keeping my name in your blogroll.We'll stay linked.take care and goodluck in treating that acne!sorry i got no technique in how to get rid of it, but try not to scratch whenever it will be itchy.
God bless...