December 06, 2007

My blog's reading level..

I was tagged by Lanie G. Thanks a lot Mareng:)

Here's the rules :

Take the test and see which grade your blog is.
Make sure to link back to me on your post.
Tag at least one person.
When you're finish taking the test, come back and comment here so I can check your post.

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Now, i give this tag to a fellow blogger : Janese


Lanie G said...

wow parehas ta mareng genuis.. thanks for doing the tag and help.. hugs

Lily said...

Wow! Congrats galing result Genuis gyud,hadlok ko mo try unsa kaha tubag nako hehehe. bitaw agi lang ko dinhe og great nimo og happy week-end.

janeser28 said...

hallo amy!!hahaha nabuang ako tag gi try nako last time karun na genius kno ang result.Unsaon.Thanks sa tag.