November 23, 2007

Something in my wallet..

Got this tag from Agring : Salamat Gring for tagging me.. ma update na jud naku ang ako blog. lol*

5 things found in my bag :
1) mes lunettes (eye glasses)
2) cellphone
3) perfume (miniature)
4) baume à lèvres (lip balm)
5) hanky

5 things found in my wallet :
1) cartes bancaires (visa, atm, fidelity cards etc.)
2) carte d'identité (french identity card)
3) permis de conduire (driver's license)
4) carte vitale (health insurance card)
5) money

5 things found in my/our room :
1) meubles de chambres
2) tv
3) telephone
4) réveille
5) photos de famille

5 things i've always wanted to do (some i did already, some can't anymore, and some are yet to be done)
1) wanted to have "ventre plat" lol* (but not possible anymore) kay tigols na. hehehe*
2) own a house in pinas (have it already) many years ago.
3) wanted to have kids (got one) she's 15 yrs now
4) try to overcome stress/fear while driving.. hmmn, well see. lol*
5) know how to cook better.. (trying hard kaau.) hehehe*

5 things i'm currently into :
1) watching Abs-cbn interactive
2) started putting xmas decors
3) doing bisnis sa ebay (sahay lang)
4) blogging sometimes
5) pray that my friend will get better soon

5 people to tag for this meme :

Brownie.. Lucille.. Janese.. Vicki.. Lanie G


Lucille said...

Bonjour madame Ams!

thanks for the tag, i think i should do it soon...since you were 2 blogger friends already tagged me..hehehe

ams, morag ting choucroute na karon diha no, nagluto guro si JP tagai nya ko hehe

Norm said...

Hi Amy! thanks for the visit and message...take care

janeser28 said...

salamat sa tag amy.I will do it tonight kay laag sa mi take care.About amor ok ra sya last time nitawag ko nya last wed.Nagsearch sila house karun kay gusto sila mamalhin.