February 01, 2008

having a bad day:(

I was desperately trying to call my family back in the Philippines this morning, but to no avail.. i had my ma on the phone but she can hardly hear me. she kept on saying : hello.. hello.. helloooo.. and me trying to reply her with.. ako ni.. ako ni.. ako ni! lol* napagaw nalang ko og syagit wa jud resulta. So, i tried other means by sending sms thru chikka. Sus, louy nalang ko ni mader kay di jud tawon kuno cya ka hear naku. I was wondering if it's because i'm using voipcheap.. or my phone line? I tried again calling her direct w/out passing thru voipcheap pero, mao gihapon. Hay! kinabuhi, murag life. hehehe* Anyway, I better try calling them some other time nalang.

Have a nice day everyone! Bisous.

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