February 01, 2008

internet friends

Internet friendship
is very easy to make but hard to preserve. You really have to work on them in order to sustain them evermore. Not all friends you make over the net become a part of your life. You tend to get along very well with few of them whom you would love to cherish forever. Never hand out too much personal information on yourself. Although the person you are chatting with may seem reliable, you never really know whom or what is at the other end of the conversation. So you need to be vigilant in choosing internet friends. You just can't give away your phone number or address to someone you feel skeptical about. Sharing of photos is another very enticing feature. People love to get complimented by others and thereby share their photographs as well.


Lanie G said...

that is true mareng, we just need to very careful to our internet friends.

coolingstar9 said...

It is true that internet friend can not last long but i am lucky to have some really good friends, i wish you happy new year.