February 01, 2008

BT Home Hub

Have you heard about BT Home Hub? If not, let me tell you a little bit something about it. BT Home Hub is a wireless router that connects your computer to your phone line providing wireless broadband around your home. It is designed to update automatically so that you can easily connect multiple devices such as PC, Laptop and gaming consoles. BT Home Hub is a free hub that allows you to get BT Vision too. That's why more and more people are switching to the new BT Total Broadband. It gives you lightning fast download speeds up to 8 Mb, so that you can get everything internet has to offer from downloading music, movies and playing online games. BT Broadband uses advanced broadband technology to deliver higher speeds. BT Total broadband speed test will check your potential broadband speed using either your phone number or postal codes. Broadband speeds depend on a lot of factors like distance from your telephone exchange and internal wiring. For only £19.99 per month (option2) you can already avail of the following:

. Wireles BT Home Hub with optional BT Hub phone
. Fast realiable connection of up to 8 Mb download speeds
. 8GB monthly download allowance Downloads,
. 24/7 Customer support
. Additional phone line inclusive of UK calls
. 350 Wi-Fi minutes/month
. BT Vision ready
. 5Gb free secure online storage
. Advance online security
. great saving on travels, leisure & many more.

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