January 28, 2008

kain tayo:)


Ingredients :

4 salmon filets or steaks

1/2 white onions (cut into rings)

4 potatoes (thinly sliced)
1/2 yellow bell pepper

2 tbsp extra virgen olive oil
3 tbsp white wine
lemon juice

parsely flakes

salt & pepper

How to:

1. clean
and pat dry salmon fish or filet
2. spray a shallow baking dish w/olive oil and put together potatoes and salmon filet or steak
3. add onions, bell peppers, parsely flakes,
4 sprinkle w/lemon juice & white wine.. making sure that it covers the fillet

5. add salt & pepper
6. preheat oven to 200 degrees celcius
7. cover the dish w/ aluminum foil and baked for about 20-25 mins or until potatoes are done.

8. serve with steamed rice

Voila! bon appêtit:)

1 comment:

Lanie G said...

kalami ba ani imong giluto mareng amy.. ako daw ni e copy.. pero kenny don't like salmon ako ra ang moka-on..