January 31, 2008

high yield accounts

Have you already heard about eMoneycentral.com? well, let me tell you something about it. eMoneyCentral is a personal finance site that tracks the best rates in checking accounts, savings accounts and certificate of deposit or (CD) accounts from banks and credit unions around the United States. eMoneyCentral lets you find the best online savings accounts rates from many different banks with an annual percentage yield (APY) starting from 3% up to 5.50%. Browsing thru thier website, you can find a list of high yield interest checking accounts available by some banks and credit unions. Internet checking accounts can only be opened online in most banks like American Bank thru American e-Checking, offering an APY of 3.25% with $100 minimum deposit or if you're age is 50 and over you can apply for an American Gold Checking with 0.00% APY and $0-$999 Balance. For more infos, check-out eMoneyCentral.com and go to savings account rate page. There you can read reviews from current and former account holders, learn about each accounts, features and many more.

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