January 29, 2008


Mangoes is known to be the Philippines sweetest delight. Oh.. this is what i've miss in the Philippines aside from my family of course. wink* For me Philippine mangoes is surely the best. It grows mainly in the visayas region where i am originally.
This exotic tropical fruit popularly known to be yellow in color obtained its addictive taste through its meticulous harvest procedures. It matures after 3 months and a half from the time of its flower blooms, carefully handpicked while still green and harvested between 9am- 3pm to prevent rapid exudation of the latex. Mature mangoes turned fully ripe from 6-12 days after harvest.

Wanna have some? serve yourself. lol*

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janeser28 said...

share pod sa ako mangga oiy hahaha!!laway ko!!:-(