February 02, 2008

asking a favor

I'm asking you (all) my friends and fellow bloggers whose names were listed in my "Blogroll" to kindly update my "KaLidAdiS" blog to it's new url : http://www.kalidadis.com as i am now switching this blog to a domain. Thank you very much in advance! Have a great weekend to everyone! Bisous.


Lanie G said...

Hi mareng amy, thanks for letting me know about your new url. I will change the link. I was thinking to buy domain as well, but i had to wait until smorty approved all my posts. I don't have any approval from them yet, but blogsvertise has one, but no addition task until now. My online diary has a problem..dili dawaton sa smorty and the blogsvertise saying..no tag follow my entry.. i have no idea why. My other blog was approved so sa isa lang ko mag paid blogging.. wait lang ko maaproved akong post hopefully and blogsvertise tagaan ko nila ug dugang task.

Amy said...

mareng lanie, thank u for dropping by! kabalo ka gisapot kaau ko gahapon sa "gogol" for some reasons. i don't know why ingon ani ila mga paagi. anyway, salamat daan sa add. enjoy your day!