April 09, 2008

will i live to 100?

Chance You'll Live to 100: 87%

100 is looking like a sure thing for you. So don't screw it up!

In fact, you may live even longer than that. You're healthy, and you have good genes.

Unless there's a robot uprising, you'll probably live a very long time.

Will You Live to 100?

Hahaha* very funny! Of course, how i wish to reached the age of 100.. but, if ever I'll be given a chance.. I hope dili pako mag kangu2x ani edara.. lol*

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twinks said...

hello sis... am back na!

i cant wait to see how you'll look like when you're 100.. hehehe.. gwapa gihapon for sure..

thanks for always visiting my blog.. really appreciate it.. mwahugs! :]