April 12, 2008

les amoureux à Paris

Actually, I'm not a koreanovela fanatic but last night when I was watching the first 5 episodes of "Lovers in Paris" via TFC (The Filipino Channel) I was really having lots of fun! I love Vivian's (Kang Tae Young) character here. lol*

Lovers in Paris (drama) is set in the romantic city of Paris, France. A weird twist of fate connects three people from completely different worlds to one place where they begin to develop feelings towards each other. At first none of them realize what they are getting themselves into, but as they get to know each other more and more their feelings toward each other begin to deepen...

You should try to watch this koreanovela available in TFC pay-per-view services. I'm sure you'll loved it too! wink*
Ok, gotta go now and continue watching the next episodes here. lol*

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Lily said...

Hi Amy passing by here,
I love wacthing teleserye specially Lobo.pero wala pa nako ni makita. maybe I should try.

Enjoy the rest of the week.