April 07, 2008

happy monday:)

Hello everyone! How's your weekend? Mine here ok lang. Actually yesterday is my day of scheduled "pamalantsa" but lazyness pushed me not to do it. lol* Kaya ito, i better do it today or else, kasing taas na ng Mt Pinatubo ang mga plantsahin ko dito. woaahhh* paita jud! Anyone out there wants to help me? Well, you're very much welcome guys. lol*

Btw, sorry for this non-sense post! I'm just out of topic but I do need to write something here and don't asked me why? becoz pretty sure you know it too. wink*

Happy Monday to all:)


simplymama said...

akoa dri paki apil nalang Maams...palihug LOL bitaw oi akoa sad dri mura na Mt. everest. Have a good Monday to you.

Mira said...

Amy I want to help you pero ironing is not one of my talents, LOL. Yan ang pinaka-hate kong chore. Buti na lang hubby doesn't have dress code at work, engineers just dress down. I remember when I was just new in US, I ironed his blue jeans (because that's the way we do it in PI and trying to impress my new hubby) instead of appreciating it, he told me not to do it again, waaah. So now I just fold clothes fresh from the dryer pronto para walang lukot, so no more ironing. Good for me, LOL.