March 25, 2008

a tag from Emjie

Thank you friend for sharing this with me. I try to answer these questions the best I can. lol*

Ten recent things that makes me happy:

. happy bec. this trimester daughter Alyssa maintained her good grades and recieved another "Félicitations" from her Professors.
happy talking to my family back home and knowing that they're all ok.
having my pr back makes me happy too! of course.. it would be great if "gogol" return back my pr4 lol* well, i hope;)
because blog with pr means lots of opps . lol*
excited to attend a friends double birthday party which are going to be held in Alsace region.. but don't know if hubby won't changed his mind.
excited again for our coming vacation in the Philippines this june.
happy because in 3 mos. bakasyon nasab ko sa akong cooking diri. lol*
happy with my blogging thing.. because i gain more friends around the universe and of course.. ka kuarta pa jud! kinsa kaha di malipay ana no.. hehehe*
happy and enjoying myself watching TFC movies, teleseryes, mmk , phil. news and everything about what's going on in pinas.
lastly, for having a simple, happy & healthy life together with my little family.

Voila! thank you for reading:) Now, i'm sharing this tag to everybody who loves to answer.

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