March 24, 2008

searching for idea partner

Are you an Idea people who wants to meet Tech people? Well, with Idea people and Tech people can have the possibility to meet each other and make partnership to create and established a new company. Befounders can help you search for the perfect co-founder efficiently and securely. You can search for profiles of the idea person you want to meet without revealing your real identity.

Idea people are usually outgoing with a big vision in creating a new company that possess limited technical skills, but understand the industry. Instead of writing code, they does networking with other people, get deals done, talk on the phone, meet up with important contacts and more. They often have vision for the ideal products they wanted to create and bring to market.
While Tech people are completely opposite to Idea people. They love writing code and is capable of building some web application or new techonology. Likes to build any kinds of stuffs and happy when people uses it. They want to make money like anyone else, but as long as they have enough, they are pretty happy with it.

So, if you're one of them. You should checkout this website
register for a free account and start searching your idea person, who knows you could be the next "Steve-Wozniak" type. wink*

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