March 25, 2008

extra credit cards

Today more and more people are choosing the use of Credit Cards as the new mode of payments, but getting the right Credit Cards with low APR is not that easy most particularly if you have lack of informations about it. Extra Credit is all you need to help you learn some useful tips and infos about the many types of credit cards as well as where to find one that offers with low APR online.

Extra Credit Cards featured different cards for you to choose from such as: Low Apr Credit cards, Intant approval credit cards, Travel Reward, credit cards, Prepaid debit cards, Bad credit credit cards, Business credit cards and Student credit cards. Thier website provides lots of important details you need to know about the uses of credit cards like: how it works, how much is the trailing interest, security issues, Common myths, minimum payments and more. And if you are struggling with a poor or nonexistent credit, a secured credit card maybe the best option to you.

Secured credit card is "secured" by a deposit ranging from 10% to 100% or more of the full line of credit being requested, to be held in escrow just in case the card holder fails to make regular payments. Visit Extra Credit for more additional infos!

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