February 13, 2008

cosmopolitan "cover girl"

Tagged by ms twinkletoe for this Cosmopolitan Cover Girl(kuno) hehehe* My Goodness.. masarap yata mangarap ng gising no? wink* Anyway, my apologize for posting this a bit late. As you know, it took time for me to make some searching in my "kaban" to find one appropriate photo of me to put on this mag. lol* Le voici le voila..

Ok dear twinkletoe.. assignment done now. I'm going to pass this tag to Mareng Babette, Kookie, Carlotz, Vicki, Caese, LanieG, day Phoebs & Lucille. Ladies, upload your pic here to get your Cosmopolitan cover girl photo. wink*

Have a nice day!


Lanie G said...

hi mareng amy, kagwapa ba gayod sa imong cosmopolitan oi..kabalo ka nadiscover nako ni sa friendster and a lot of my photos was make this website. i will share one of my photos like yours sa blog ko thanks for tagging mareng. tc

Lucille said...

hahaha!!! ngiga uy cover girl man gyod sa cosmopolitan. sikat na gyod ta no. waffa man gud hehe
sige upload pod ko, thank you for discovering my beauty to be cosmopolitan cover girl, ams! lol

Babette said...

Hala Mareng Amy, pwede pala akong mangarap ng gising. I never knew that I can be a cosmo girl. hahaha

kookie said...

job well done miss amy wink...www.browneydkookie.blogspot.com

your doze of twinkletoe said...

worth waiting for sis.. seductive beauty pang model talaga.. danda!

Caese said...

yay...!! you push me to be a narcis again. haha haa, thanks for remembering me, Amy.
Take care..