April 15, 2008

merci beaucoup

Hello guys! Sorry, I didn't had the chance to visit your blogs lately. Time is so hectic for me here.. so please bear with me.
Today, hubby & I were out of town packing our balikbayan boxes to send in Pinas. Naka kapagod talaga but no choice since we don't have balikbayan box services available in our area. Luckily a friend of mine who's living in the next city agreed na sa bahay nalang nila mag impake sa mga abobot ko. lol*

Finally, I'm happy that everything is ready now. Tomorrow is another day and we are planning to visit Lausanne in Switzerland. Hopefully, mr sunshine will be with us too. wink*

Thanks a lot for all the visits, tags & messages.. very much appreciated! Bises à tous..

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Babette said...

Dito sa amin mas mahal ang door-to-door compared to California, mas malayo kasi. Ang mga parents ko pag nagpapadala sila ng box they only pay $45 to Manila. Dito sa amin double or triple that price pa ata.
Excited ka na ba mareng? naaamoy mo na ba yung fried danggit and sinangag for breakfasta? LOL

Definitely Maybe!
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