April 14, 2008

got a new haircut

My goodness! lahat na yata nag taasan ang presyo ngayon. I had my rendez-vous with the hairdresser this morning and for a simple haircut, shampooing & brushing they charged me 29 € ($46) Actually, I was expecting less.. knowing that I am having a very short hair. I remember last time I got my hair fixed in this salon 3 mos. ago I was paying a lot less. Of course, it will be ok if you are satisfied of the service, but in my case today, I am not:(. I was thingking of giving the coiffeur (tip) but wala nalang kay naglagut ko. lol*

I will certainly look for another hair salon next time or better yet get a new haircut in pinas this summer before returning back here in France. lol*


indayfe said...

What did they do to your hair ams? I want to see it..sige ba.. show it.. I am curious..LOL..

That is very expensive dai Amy! My gollie.. $46.. wow... I don't think I will give tips if I don't feel right.. ? I am with you..

But don't worry about your hair.. they grow fast and I am sure next two months gusto na sad nimo magpaputol..

Thanks sa comment didto sa ako payag.. yeah..Still renovating.. Can't find the right roofing..LOL.

have a good day kahit lagot ka..

Amor said...

Hay Amy mahal gyd kaayo noh paputol,mao ako hulat ko kanang taas na kaayo ako buhok dinha pako paputol para sulit hehehe.Si Rene bitaw na hastang gamaya nalangs a buhok,mahal man gani kayo ang bayad pod maski trim lang.Maayo pa sa Pinas ta paputol ani hehehe.

Pakita-a pod mis a imo new hair style hehehe.