March 11, 2008

featured friends!

My blogger friends Amor & Lou featured me in one of her 5 "picks" of the week. So nice of them to choose me huh.. Thank you so much ladies for your thoughtfulness.. very much appreciated. wink*

So if you want to help your friends.. keep the ball rolling, make your own 5 featured friends and keep them for 1 week. To return the favor, include the link or name of the person who has featured you.


1. Mareng Barb is one of my featured friends.

2. So when Mareng Barb will make her featured friends for the week, she has to include my name and she will pick 4 more from her own list of friends.

3.She will inform ALL her featured friends to keep the ball rolling.

I'm passing this to: Mareng Barb Mira Carlots..

Mga N'dhays! you can see your blogs featured on the right sidebar. wink*


Loannah said...

Excellent Amy! Remind your 5 picks to include your name as one of their picks. You can include my name in your next round of picks. :-)

Take care and keep in touch!

Babette said...

Mareng Ams, I think I got the idea. hehehe parang lasing pa rin ako, kulang sa tulog dahil sa Daylight Savings Time, nawalan ako ng isang oras. :) tnx for this tag, rest assured na maipost ko rin ito, nasa drafts ko lahat. merci!

indayfe said...

ngeh.. sus.. I fail.. but not yet.. I am still trying to find where in the corner can I find my name..

Helpp.. i need somebody .. help..

Let me go back to my blog to start all over again.. I am going in circles. and I think I am following

Sorry dai amy.. I am just simply.. lost..

Lanie G said...

hi mareng amy, naa pod ko ani nga tag from mareng barb, not working today still feeling tired and sleepy cause of our changes time here.

Amor said...

hello Madame,thanks sa pag accomplish sa assignment hehehe.