March 13, 2008

child custody lawyer

Have problems concerning child custody? Marshall and Taylor or MTLAW is a North Carolina Raleigh Child Custody Lawyer helping couples who were facing family problems concerning child custody and support. Their experienced lawyers will explain to you some step by step procedures and all important things to take in order to develop a better arrangement regarding what is best for you and your child.

Not only that, Marshall and Taylor Family Law Office are also handling other legal matters like
divorce, separation agreements, child support, property division, alimony and support, domestic violence, mediation, spousal support or whatever legal actions you want to take don't hesitate to seek thier assistance. May it be for a step by step divorce, parenting after divorce, child support or for a joint child custody they can be reach either by phone or through email. For more infos about other legal services they are offering, visit thier website at Check them out now!

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