January 17, 2008

birthday greeting

Look who's celebrating her birthday today? Of course my very good friend Vicki. wink*

Manay Vick, i tried to call you para kantahan unta tika og happy birthday but, to no avail.. pretty sure you're too much occupied preparing something for your "invités" wink* Anyway, wish you goodhealth & more blessings! Big bisous.. muahh*


Anonymous said...

Merci, Merci bisous,,,,,,,

thanks amy for greeting me on my bday today,


bitaw, busy kaayo ko, hapit di na ka lili diri, midaligyat ko, human nako loto, pra karong gabii, ari sila, the same my in-laws ra man.

cgi, daghan gyd kaayong salamat...

nindota nako diri uy,....ako nya kuhaon ha`?

regards nyo dha tanan....

love, vk

mermaidejen said...

Hi Amy,

Thanks for the touching greetings for vicki, she so deserve such. Bless your heart for being such a wonderful friend.