January 15, 2008

friends are treasures

Got this cute friendship tag from Ladynorms.
Thank you so much dae.. that's so sweet and nice of you. wink*

"Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget" G. Randolp

And now i'm happy to pass this friendship tag to these lovely ladies: Carlotz Kookie Lolli Lucille Vicki Ylan & Glorie.

Thank you for dropping by! Have a nice day:)


Carlota said...

thanks for the award amz...na post na sa akong mydailysunset.com

Anonymous said...

Tinuod gyud na emong blog Amy, Truly friends are hard to find especially now a days, that is why it is really difficult also to leave and impossible to forget. Nice one Ams!! keep it up.