March 20, 2009

Spring has sprung

It's springtime now! my favorite season of the year. I can't wait to see those lovely tulips flowers blooming very soon. For most people spring season is perfect to go on family vacations but for me and my family we spent ours usually during summertime. For this coming summer we decided to stay in France and rent a fully-furnished house somewhere in the Mediterranean Coast. Although San Diego hotel seem perfect, but I still prefer to stay in a place wherein I can cooked meals. wink*

Anyway to all my friends, visitors & readers.. sending you my warmest wishes for a Wonderful Spring Season! Bear hugz:)


Joy said...

Hello Amy..musta naman? Agi ko kay pa update naku ang link sa Joy1 ane nga link kay ang daan expire na oy. Bisitaa ko kadiyot kung ok na huh? Salamat og daku.

momgen said...

Hi Amy dear mustamos got you an award fit ni nimo.

Joy0z said...

Salamat Amy. Kung willing ka mao ne akoa uban blogs aron exlinks pud ta hehe.
Ozlife Begins
Joyoz Photography
Joyoz Journal
Dream Home
More on Health
Words of Love

Joy said...

Added you here Amy.