November 04, 2008

Meeting w/Nimfa

Yesterday, we had a day trip in the neighboring city visiting my friend Nimfa. Monday she phoned me up and invited us for lunch at her house together with two other filipina ladies. Nimfa is a native Bicolana and a good cook. She's one of my bff living in Belfort which is about 100 kms away from our place. I was glad the weather wasn't that bad enough and JP and Alyssa agreed to came with me. lol* Nimfa cooked our very own pinoy foods and it was all yummy! Everybody had lots of fun, enjoying the sumptious lunch she prepared and the non-stop chikka-han and laughters too. I told them that, it was certainly our last get2gether for the season (autumn & winter) since JP and I avoid travelling by car at this time of year. I felt sad though, because this christmas we couldn't attend this one big Filipino Christmas Party which will be held in Alsace Region:(

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Utah Mommy said...

Thank you kaayo sa makanunayong pagdrop sa akong payag madame, paningkamutan nako nga maka drop pod ko sa imong mga kamansyunan hehehehe. You look good on the picture with your friend. Have a blessed day!

Anonymous said...

Hello madame kumusta :)maayo paka dnha dah get together sa uban na mga Pinays.Dri pod ingons a amo silingan kay nahasnow gyd daw dri sa amo lugar karon,so dli gyd kaayos safe ang magbyahe pag slippery ang road.