November 08, 2008

Love conquers everything:)

Meet the world's tallest man.. he's name is Bao Xishun, 54 years old and stands 2.36 meters tall. After a global search for a suitable bride, Mr. Bao Xishun has married a woman who is 25 yrs younger than he is and two thirds of his height.

Love indeed conquers everything:)

(Photo courtesy of BBC News)


Utah Mommy said...

Bitaw, it doesn't matter if you are tall or short, young or old, ugly or beautiful, soon as love strikes in you it conquers everything.

Have a good day madame!

Anonymous said...

Hello Madaam a grabe sa ana nya oi pagkataasa naman lang mura naman iya anak tan awon eheheh bitaw, basta kay nagkahigugmaay hala bira!!

gLoR!e said...

waaahhhh maglibog ko ana perti na jud ka taas...hehehe

gLoR!e said...

waaahhh dili ko palabot taas ana niya oi!:)