March 30, 2008

happy spring

What a bright and sunny day today! After all the rains, winds and snowfalls at last, here comes Mr Sunshine. hehehe* I was so busy this morning doing general cleaning.. glass windows are needed to be clean up plus I did the vacuumming too. My goodness! kapoy unta but I've no choice. Getting a (dh) here in France is so mahal kaau since they are paid/hr.. ang ako ibayad ako nalang tigumon. lol* Anyway, hubby and daughter helped me too with the housechores which is great! wink*

To all my friends.., May the spring brings you a bunch of happiness and your life be sprinkled with all the beautiful colors of the season..

Have a nice Spring to everyone:)


Lily said...

Hi Amy thanks for the visit.

Bitaw mr sunshine was finally here I was also busy earlier doing my spring cleaning,I was doing my window cleaning but not yet done as we had 14 tall windows in total. its tiring thougth but its ok I only clean it twice a year :-) human na gyud bitaw akong gikalingawan nga MSKM. pero dia pa man si Lobo so ok lang, o sige enjoy the week.

arlene said...

hay salamat! at last spring na jud...sawa na ko sa winter oi, it's been a looooonnnggg winter for me! musta na man ka diri madam?

Babette said...

Happy Spring talaga Mareng Ams. :) I wish mag-umpisa nang uminit para makapag-bukas na ng mga windows.

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