July 15, 2007

having trouble sleeping

Ladies, if you are having trouble going to sleep..,then you belong to the phaze-delayed group.:) Read this article..

Understand your sleep disorders

Everyone goes through four stages of sleep and the dream stages of sleep during the night. This one-through-four cycle is repeated throughout the night; phase one is the lightest and phase four the deepest. Those who have trouble going to sleep and may not begin to sleep until 3 or 6 a.m. also have difficulty in getting up. These individuals belong to the phase-delayed group. If you are one, try to shift your sleep phases or sleep pattern.
Noises often disturb the troubled sleeper. You must try to put away all things that may cause noise and may trouble your sleep.

Try to Overcome Fatigue

Lack of nutrition, exercise and a negative outlook in life cause fatigue. After a night’s sleep, the muscles and joints are full of lactic acid, the fatigue poisons of certain foods. Also, in the morning the heart beats slowly, so the circulation is cut down. Therefore, you must get your body going by exercising while still in bed, like stretching. And then take a hot shower followed by a cold one to fully refresh yourself. Besides exercises, you must also think positively, try to wake up thinking ‘thank God I’m here again.’ Don't think about your problems focus on positive things.
If you are married, early morning sex doesn’t delay getting out of bed, as some people think.
Sex in the morning gives you more energy and makes you feel good. Remember, the more energy you put out the more you get back. So go ahead and do it.

Change your Lifestyle
Most of the time depression or resistance to participate in life makes some people find it hard to get up, unless there are organic reasons. Usually, these people are caught up in circumstances that force them to present a false front. You must understand that you have to reconcile your true nature with your outer life so that you don’t have to play stressing false roles. If you are depressed because someone you love dumps you, you must get over with it early before it affects everything in your life.
Besides a medical check-up, exercise, and changing your lifestyle so that it suits who you really are, you must also try to stay away from heavy foods before bedtime.
Waking up in a good Mood may never be easy especially if you are facing difficulty in life, but remember, if all else fails, simply use your will power to think positive, never let your current situation ruin your day and the people around you. Remember always think POSITIVE...

Have a great day..!

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