July 04, 2009

perfect place to stay

Few days more to go hubby, daughter and I will be off for a three weeks vacation, i'm getting excited here now. For the first time, were going to spend our summer vacation in the Southwest of France together with two of my filipina buddies. We also planned of going to Andorra for sightseeing and little shopping, since this place is known as a shopping hub in Europe. I don't know if we're going to sleep for a night or two in the principality of Andorra. But if ever we decided to stay in the capital of La Vella Stratosphere hotel would be a perfect place for us to stay with.

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janetoile28 said...

hi madame ams!Musta?karun pa ko ka offline message hehehe sorry unsaon na lang!hope ok ka!naa mi ron sa cebu stay ko diri until august 24 abot ko france 25 hay kapoy hahahha!!na raté nako ang soldes sa france wahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!kalami ba ra sa mga items..