June 14, 2009

20 carats

They say "Jewelries are women's best friends" and I do agree with them! Handcrafted jewelry is a perfect accessory to a woman's outfit, it adds beauty and suits best for our everyday wear. I know somebody who is very much fascinated with this new mode of fashion accessories like sets of bracelets, necklaces, earrings both in gold, crystal and vermeil. I remember one time when she hosted a get-together party at her home and invited a lady who were selling different variety of fashion jewelries, it was really awesome! Personally I am not into handcrafted jewelries for some reasons but I can't deny the fact that this new mode of fashion accessories became very popular these days and besides the prices are great and affordable too!

By the way, the photo you see here is the latest creation of a resident jeweler Paloma Picasso.
You can find it online at Stylehive.com. Picasso created a deceptively simple collection of necklaces called 20 Carats which is available in either sterling silver or 18 karat gold. The delicate looking 18 inch supple chains easily support gemstone pendants weighing 20 carats and available in a wide variety of gems: amethyst, citrine, yellow quartz, rock crystal, onyx, blue chalcedony, and many more. This beautiful gold necklace with sensous pendant could be a perfect present to a loved one!

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