November 21, 2008

Quel temps!

Autumn and winter season makes me feel lazy all the time. I hate going outside even for just a short walk unless I don't have any choice at all. It's been few days now that we have frequent rains and winds and of course temperature is going down too. How I wish to be in the tropics right now where I can wear those sexy tops freely without the risk of getting sick. Mais bon c'est la vie! I've notice also that cold days stimulates appetite as well, good thing there's appetite suppressants that helps curb our cravings:)


simplymama said...

hahahaha lagi Maams pastilana gyud aning ting tugnaw di ta ka sul-ob ug sexy cge lang geputos ani gekan sa tiil hangtod sa ulo.

Amor said...

Nah,parehas ta dri Amy,sge pod ulan dri tapos ngitngit na dali maski hapon palang gani mao na walay ayo igawas kay tugnaw pod kaayo.

Happy weekend!