August 23, 2008

We're back!

Hello guys! we're back from our two months vacation in the Philippines. I miss a lot the french cuisine and the cold climate as well. lol* Oh yeah, funny but true!

Thanks to all of you who kept on visiting my blogs and leaving some footprints here.. it is greatly appreciated. However, it was very difficult for me to return the visits while on vacation due to the fact that our internet connection at home was too slow. Hubby & I aren't satisfied with the Globe broadband connection we had in pinas, but no choice except to deal with it. Maayo nalang kaysa wala di ba? lol*

Photo was taken during our 17th Wedding Anniversary! Golsti na jud... agarayyy! hehehe* This is all for now.. will visit you guys soon. Kapoy pa kaau ko sa byahe:)


Amor said...

hello Amy,Belated 17th wedding anniversary sa inyo ni JP.Ang daming handa! :)kumusta?I'm using internet cafe as of now coz until now,wala parin kaming internet connection .Almost 2 months na hindi parin nila maresolve resolve ang problem.Ang hirap talaga kasi,pumupunta kami sa cabin para lang magcall at intenet cafe para magemail,kaya nga ang dami kong na miss na opps kasi hindi naman ako makapunta sa internet cafe madalas at magstay ng matagal kasi mahal din.I'll surely visit you as soon as our line is up.

MIRA said...

Hi Amy, welcome back, kelan ka pa bumalik? Belated happy anniversary to you and hubby. You've got one big feast there, the lechon looks yummy!
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Anonymous said...

Hi Amy and JP,
Belated Happy Wedding Anniversary to you both! It is nice to see the big celebration you had in Cebu. You had lots of preparation and all were having fun...i can see in their faces especially the celebrants..:) I enjoyed browsing the photos my dear. I am sure you have more more pics there.. Pakishare nalang unya.

btw, si Alyssa pagkataasa na gayod unya super sexp pa like mommy.

Best regards as always,

Cielo said...

the food looks very sumptous, though the Net connection really stinks, im sure that it was compensated by the Pinoy foods and traditions na namiss mo nuon. I am very happy for you sis, 17 years of blissful wedding is a gift from God

Jean Marie said...

OMG! Happy belated 17th anniversary! Many more years to come! 75th wedding anniversary kaya?

twinks said...

yeey! glad your back na sis!
musta na?
happy weekend :]

Lucille said...

bonjour madame! belated happy anniversary! wow 17!!!!
hala ka dakong kombira man diay madame...pagkalami sa letson!