August 08, 2008

Isn't he cute?

Hubby loved cats but raising one at home is a big NO since our daughter had allergy with cat's hair. This photo was taken at home few months ago when Alyssa wasn't around and JP adopted this adorable pet from our neighbour for an hour or so. Il est trop mignon! Seems like he's watching for some opps for me. lol*

Well, If not only because of my daughter's allergy, JP & I had surely adopted this adorable cat definately and get him a perfect scratching post or
cat trees to play and sleep.


Anonymous said...

Ka cute sa cat oi hehehehe maayo gani ka kay daghan ka nakubit ako gani wala gyud dugay na unsaon kay dili ko maka timing oi hehehe purdoy ko kaayo.

Rolly said...

Musta diha day, agi lang ko. Ganahan kog iring basta dili lang niya pamuakon ako mga mabuak nga gamit diri.

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