March 04, 2008

thanks a bunch

My sincerest thanks to this gorgeous lady and a very good friend Ms Carlotz.. author of MyDaily Sunset (architect & designer) of My Web-Blog for making this place of mine a truly beautiful one. A million thanks to you! muahhh*

My dear Carlotz :

If you were flowers.. i would not pick you!
I'll let you grow in my garden
And cultivate you with love & care
So I can keep you as a friend forever. wink*

To know more about this gorgeous lady.. take a tour at her blogs:

Daily Sunset 1
Daily Sunset 2
Dashing Smiles
Dashing Beauty
Lost Thoughts
Web-Blog Designs


Caese said...

Very nice! I really love your last 3 templates. And your interieur designer was so familiar for me. Haha haa.. four thumbs up!

Carlota said...

you are so welcome madame. ikaw pa?...

i think the main background is a lot better that the plain one. i'm happy cause your happy wink*...