March 08, 2008

message in a bottle

meme from Ms twinkletoe.. thank you so much dae for this one.

Here are the rules:
You are about to send a virtual
Message In a Bottle across the Blog Ocean. Leave a message in the sand or on the bottle. Write anything you wish. Be a pirate or a poet. Serious or silly. Anonymous or not. What message would you like to send out to the universe?

Message In A Bottle Meme

1. Compose a message to place in your virtual bottle.
2. Right click and SAVE the blank graphic below

3. Use a graphics program of your choice to place the message on the picture. 4. Post the Message In a Bottle meme and your creation on your blog along with these rules. 5. Tag a minimum of 5 bloggers - or your entire blogroll - to do the same. Notify them of the tag. Your virtual bottle will remain afloat in the blogosphere ocean for all blogernity (That’s a Mimism for blog + eternity.)

Here's mine:

I pass this on to Bless Lily Haydee Lucille Babette


Lily said...

Hi Amy can passing by wishing you a great week.I'll do this soon my dear Am's, let you know when Im done with it. take care and have a nice evening :-)

Bless said...

Dae ams salamat. nakahimo na diay ko ani :-)

take care.